Introducing IntegralFX for Payments

The technology behind the FX operations of over 200 banks and financial institutions, now available to simplify your cross-border payments

Run your cross-border payments with our cloud-based SaaS technology

Empower your treasury and finance teams to take control of FX rates

Manage your FX pricing with bank-grade tools

Take the cost out of FX and increase profitability

Here's how we've helped payment companies and fintechs

  • Offering customers guaranteed rates, real-time rates, or anything in between

  • Reflecting unique pricing by customer and/or amount

  • Monetizing FX payments with superior execution, better spread capture, and internalization


Let our technology transform your cross-border payments

Manage your payments business like FX operations at a bank:

  • Actively manage currency risk from one intuitive dashboard

  • Streamline customer transactions: netting transactions automatically before conversion, saving both time and money

  • Turn currencies from a cost center to a profit center: reduce risk, capitalize on market movements, and manage margins actively

Proven, out-of-the-box SaaS technology to simplify your cross-border payments